backpacker hostel launceston tasmania
Arthouse Backpacker Hostel Launceston Tasmania
Photo Gallery
  Recent photos - Sep 2009
>>>   Building nears completion - Nov 2007
  The original photos before renovating
Photos taken around November 2007 - Building nears completion
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Arthouse Hostel Launceston Bus Pickup
Bus pickup right out front
All tours will pick guests up from right in front of the hostel.
Early morning on the 1st November 2007. Not finished yet, but very close!
Arthouse Hostel Launceston
Front of the hostel with the big bin
One of two fire escapes from 1st floor. This one needed some extra handrails and other bits to make it comply.
Arthouse Hostel Launceston Fire Escape
Completed fire escape
Arthouse Hostel Launceston ladies bathroom
First floor ladies bathroom


When we say 'brand new bathrooms' we really mean it

The electricians and painters have done the job, now we await the vinyl guys!


Arthouse Hostel Launceston mens bathroom
The ground floor bathroom has lights
Arthouse Hostel Launceston Tassie room
The Tassie room
The Tassie room is still very much a work room
The first sight of the hostel interior is not quite 'pleasant' yet.
Arthouse Hostel Launceston ground floor hall
Ground floor hallway
Arthouse Hostel Launceston reception
Reception is almost ready
Reception uses the old pub framework
Arthouse Hostel Launceston first floor hall
First floor hall in afternoon light


The afternoon light floods into the hostel. It is glorious, even when the light reflects off vinyl offcuts!

Room 16, our 6 share dorm, is a great size for storing all the bits that are being transferred back into the rooms


Arthouse Hostel Launceston room 16
Room 16 - will have 6 beds!